Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tips & Downloads

Hello, My name is Robert.

First of all I want to thank you for joining Treasure Trooper.
And if you haven't joined yet. The link is on the right or you can click on the banner below. I was once a person like you whom decided to join Treasure Trooper. I was introduced to it much in the same way you are being introduced to it by me. I joined December 13, 2008. I really enjoy it now and you will too. I Promise you will start making money within the next hour or so if you follow all my directions! Treasure Trooper works like this. I am someone Else's referral. And you are my referral. And when you get someone to sign up they will be yours and so on. What I think is really neat about Treasure Trooper is you don't have to think about getting people. You can buy referrals. That's how I got mine. And of course my blogs help. I started in December 2009 and to this date of April 10th I have made $428.00 and I have 54 1st level referral's. And 83 2ND level referral's. That is only four months time at about twice a week for about 30 minutes a night. And at this point if I do nothing my refferials will produce about $5.00 a month for me automaticly. It may not sound like much but it's something for nothing. First thing you want to do is to download ROBOFORM utility located to the right side of this page. This tool will fill out all the forms for you. After you download it view the ROBOFORM video also located to your right. One last thing I might mention is that you will want to create another email account either with google, yahoo, or wherever. This is because Treasure Trooper is basically paying you in trade off for your email address so they can send you junk e-mail.


First go to Treasure Trooper and log in. You can explore around a bit.The easiest surveys to fill out are the quarter surveys located in the quarter bin. These surveys will be a good example on how to fill out all the surveys. All other surveys are located in Cash Offers located on top left TT web site.

First open quarter bin. Select a survey. On the first page of the survey it will ask for your e-mail address. Second page will ask for your info. This is the time to use your ROBOFORM filler. Now, when you get to the third page keep in mind you will always say no to everything and skip when you can. The skips are always at the bottom of every page. And when filling out allot of No's use the Alt button and the plus button [Alt] + on your keyboard.
If it ever says to pick at least one yes then do it to proceed. It only takes about a min to fill out the complete survey. You will always know when your done when you see Congratulations, Last Steps or Silver Offers. Do not proceed just close the window. Now you should be back to the quarter bin where you first chose your survey. Now you have to click on the DONE button. After this you will see a play now button. This is a small game where you try to find the pearl. When you get 8 pearls you can trade them in at the trading hut for 2 referrals. That's it you just made 25 cents. How cool is that!

If you just completed the three Daily Surveys every day until the month you would get a guaranteed $75.00 at the end of the month.

Explore! + Get use to it! + Make real money! + Work when you want to! + Have Fun!

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Thank You!

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